MSOE’s small size coupled with its emphasis on hands-on, real world experience instantly drew in computer science major Errin Miller.

“I love the familial feel of the small class sizes and how they allow for students and faculty to interact and get to know each other in ways that aren’t feasible at larger universities,” said Miller. “Also, the way MSOE prioritizes hands-on experience and industry connections also assured me I would be gaining industry level skills that could bring internships and job opportunities as early as freshman year.”

While MSOE was a clear choice for Miller, deciding on the right major wasn’t as easy of a decision for her in the beginning. “All throughout high school I knew I loved both creative endeavors along with math and science, and I didn’t quite know where that left me,” said Miller.

After some encouragement from friends who were involved in programming and discussions with her “coding nerd” dad, she started to investigate computer science and discovered how vast the applications of a degree in that field could be.

“I started dabbling in coding and found that learning about computer science satisfied both my enthusiasm for mathematical problem solving and creativity.”

Through MSOE’s computer science program, Miller is able to meld her creativity and math skills together to solve problems using algorithms, applied mathematics, and artificial intelligence in a hands-on environment with her peers and faculty who have relevant industry experience.

Miller shares her passion for MSOE and computer science with prospective students as a campus ambassador. She works with students who are thinking about applying to MSOE and discusses academic opportunities with them, leads campus tours and describes the overall campus experience at MSOE.

“On Accepted Student Days I talk specifically with students considering computer science or software engineering and tell them about our program to help them decide if MSOE is the right fit for them.”

Miller’s involvement on campus doesn’t stop there. She also is the event coordinator for the Society of Software Engineers, a group dedicated to providing professional skill building, networking and social opportunities to students pursuing degrees in software. She also participates on the outreach committee for the Society of Women Engineers.

Outside of MSOE, Miller enjoys volunteering and spending time outdoors. She has been riding and training horses since she was 13 and enjoys sharing her passion with others at the therapeutic horse barn she volunteers at.