March is Women’s History Month, and at MSOE we celebrate the contributions of women around the world to history and the advancement of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, nursing and business. We are proud to have phenomenal women as part of the MSOE community and invite you to learn more about a few of our faculty, students and alumni. Please join us at one or all of these events!

Sami Wallace

Sami Wallace ’15 comes from a long line of MSOE graduates. “My father and grandfather both attended MSOE,” said Wallace. “We visited MSOE during St. Patrick…
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Anne-Marie Warren

Anne-Marie Warren had her sights set on architectural engineering when she was in high school. She attended a pre-engineering management program through…
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Dr. Jane Paige

As a nurse, Jane Paige, Ph.D. knows how important it is to eliminate any possibility of error on the job. But as a professor in MSOE’s School of Nursing…
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Dr. Ruth Barratt

In the lower level of Rosenberg Hall is a cluster of tables and a sofa, a small refrigerator and microwave, coffee and some snacks. A “hospitality area…
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Clover L. Barnes

Improving the quality of people’s lives—that’s been the goal for Clover Barnes ’01 throughout her career as nurse, manager and health care administrator…
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Women's History Month Events