Diercks Hall is positioned to be catalyst for transformational change at MSOE and throughout the region as a whole. MSOE was originally founded in partnership with industry. The chartering council will inform the development of  a community of practice to benefit MSOE faculty and students as well as the community at large.  We are extremely thankful to those companies who are providing thought leadership, support and guidance on we embark on this new chapter in MSOE's history.

Dedicated Computing  

“Dedicated computing values the collaborative spirit at MSOE.  Partnering with MSOE is about learning, growing, and benefiting from each other’s knowledge and experience.  Diercks Hall specifically provides the ability to harness the power of AI through a partner approach to enhancing business capability.  Our work with MSOE’s emerging technology leaders increases our adaptability in the evolution of solutions embodying AI to cure disease, advance military training, and evolve industrial automation systems.” 
~ Jeff Krueger, Director- Systems Engineering

Direct Supply 

“Interns and graduates from MSOE University formed the backbone of Direct Supply’s earliest technology team and remain today a key source of talent for our technology organization and beyond.  We offer student internships and project-based experiential learning opportunities to help MSOE University educate students to become the absolute best engineering talent.  The result is a virtuous relationship yielding great results for Graduates, Faculty, MSOE University, Direct Supply, and the community at large.”  
~ Randy Kirk ‘93, EVP & Chief Scientist

GE Healthcare 

“GE Healthcare is excited about collaborating with MSOE at Diercks Hall to explore new and innovative ways of applying AI and Deep Learning tools to the delivery of personalized healthcare solutions to our customers and their patients. We look forward to working with MSOE faculty and students and the new computer resources!” 
~ Saad Sirohey, Executive General Manager Global MICT Digital and Clinical Apps

Northwestern Mutual 

“Northwestern Mutual is excited for what MSOE’s Diercks Hall will bring to the Milwaukee tech community and the opportunity it provides to build new, meaningful connections and value across students, faculty and industry.  Expanding the pipeline of computer science talent and enhancing capabilities in artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, neural networks and computer vision, are essential to establish the region as a tech hub and advance our local businesses.” 
~ Phil Langford, Assistant Director of Tech Advancement and Outreach


“AI and deep learning have the potential to enrich people's lives through healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment and beyond. Diercks Hall and the NVIDIA supercomputer within it will provide the environment to help foster the next generation of computer scientists and engineers that are needed to make that happen..” 
~ Mark Krueger, Senior System Software Engineer


“Rexnord is excited to be a part of a growing community of practice for development, advancement, and application of computational science technologies at MSOE.” 
~ Joseph Hamann

Rockwell Automation 

“MSOE’s investment in its Computer Science program and the Diercks Hall gift are well aligned with the needs of the Connected Enterprise.  Industry is demanding every increasing expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data/software architecture, cyber security and advanced human-machine interfaces such as virtual reality.  Rockwell Automation applauds the focus MSOE has put on collaboration and how this is reflected in Diercks Hall’s industry accessible auditorium, supercomputing cells and dedicated collaboration space.” 
~ Kyle A. Crum, Manager - Advanced Technology