Applied Research

Your organization has challenges without a defined solution and/or are trying to secure a competitive advantage and feel MSOE can help. This can form the basis of an applied research project. Chartering an applied research project is dependent on availability of faculty expertise/capacity and typically involves an MOU with a mutual NDA. In many cases, these projects are initiated by faculty members in partnership with their corporate partners. MSOE has also structured the following research centers to provide innovative industry solutions plus education and networking to create a competitive differentiation for your organization. Discuss your next challenge with the:

Consulting Services/Contracted Work

Your organization needs the expertise of faculty members and/or is interested in supporting their professional development objectives. Many faculty members are willing to entertain offers for contracted work and/or summer externships. These arrangements are developed directly with the faculty member and typically do not involve MSOE. But if you don’t know where to start, please contact the Dean of Applied Research and/or one of our Academic Chairs who can suggest the best contact for your project. Please know that MSOE is first and foremost a teaching university. Consequently, faculty time can be limited and has to be prioritized in relation to their personal and professional goals.

Laura Schmidt, Director of Corporate Relations

If you are interested in more information (or did not find what you needed on this page), please contact Laura to get connected in a manner that works for you. Contact Laura by phone at (414) 732-9668 or via email using the link below.