Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr. Mitchell Colton

Department: Physics and Chemistry
(414) 277-2444 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S238 Faculty Resume
Patrol Officer

Pat Conlin

Department: Public Safety
Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Cook

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7385 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S128 Faculty Resume
Assistant Mens Volleyball Coach

Jacob Cosson

Department: Athletics
(414) 277-4552 Kern Center: K328
Tech Advancement Team Leader

Anthony Cottrill

Department: Information Technology
(414) 277-7407 Cudahy Campus Center: CC304
LaCrosse Coach

George Counes

Department: Athletics
Station Manager

Thomas Crawford

Department: WMSE
(414) 277-7247 Krueger Hall: KH 1
Health and Wellness Intake Specialist

Jessica Curry

Department: Student Life
(414) 277-7540 Kern Center: K254
Loans & Grants Administrator

Julie Curtis

Department: Financial Aid
(414) 277-7210 Cudahy Campus Center: CC431
Athletic Trainer

Claudia Curtis

Department: Athletics
(414) 277-2588 Kern Center: K156C
Clinical Assistant Professor

Kevin Daley

Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Timothy Dalton

Department: Facilities
() - Walter Schroeder Library: L113
Professor, Program Director, ME

Dr. Christopher Damm

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7543 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S145 Faculty Resume
Associate Registrar

Marc Dannecker

Department: Registrar's Office
(414) 277-7218 Cudahy Campus Center: CC365
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Simon Dao

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7397 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S200D Faculty Resume
Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Mark Daugherty

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-2266 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S200A Faculty Resume
Assistant Professor

Dr. Todd Davis

Department: Civil & Architectural Engineering & Construction Management
(414) 277-2708 Cudahy Campus Center: CC61A Faculty Resume
Associate Director of Student Accounts

Thomas Dazey

Department: Student Accounts
(414) 277-7237 Cudahy Campus Center: CC423
Student Support Advisor

Alexa Deacon

Department: Wellness Center
(414) 277-7235 Kern Center: K256
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Janet DeCoopman-Winter

Department: School of Nursing
(414) 277-2875 Cudahy Campus Center: CC163 Faculty Resume