At MSOE, we have a different way of thinking, acting and existing. It's a way of life that our faculty, students, staff and alumni exhibit each day which inspires us to make an impact within our communities - it's the MSOE Mindset. 

What is the MSOE Mindset?

It is an assimilation of the Servant-Leader Mindset, the Entrepreneurial Mindset, and MSOE’s new strategic plan, mission, vision, values and commitments. The MSOE Mindset identifies graduates as leaders of character; responsible professionals; passionate learners; and value creators. Faculty will focus on helping students develop the MSOE Mindset throughout their educational journey. By leveraging its industry partnerships, incorporating high-impact educational practices throughout campus, enhancing educational programs to deepen experiential learning, MSOE will ensure that all students use real-world projects in their field of study.

Diagram of the MSOE mindset described above.

How are we living the MSOE Mindset?

“While the articulation of the MSOE Mindset is new, the attributes that comprise this mindset have been visible on campus for a long time. There are faculty members who are successfully teaching the servant-leader mindset and others who are successfully teaching the entrepreneurial mindset. By fostering the MSOE Mindset throughout campus, we are preparing our graduates for the ever-changing world.”