Learning by Doing

There’s a reason why we have more labs than classrooms. We’ve always believed students learn best (and have more fun) by getting their hands dirty and putting theory into practice. MSOE students spend hundreds of hours in our industry-standard labs, and that practical, hands-on experience will give you a definite edge in the workplace.  

Deep Connections Between Professors and Students

Your average class will be 21 students, and your average lab will include just 11 students. That intimate learning environment will allow your professors to really get to know you. Expect more than a few to become mentors and perhaps lifelong connections.

Immediate Immersion Into Your Major

You won’t have to wait to explore your passion. You’ll dive into your major-specific classes freshman year, giving you a head start on internships and your career.  

Close Industry Integration

MSOE is a trusted partner for leading Wisconsin companies, including Harley-Davidson, Kohler, Snap-on and more. We work together on the latest industry research and innovations, and 260+ top companies come to recruit our students for internships and jobs at MSOE’s annual Career Fair.  

Fast-Paced Learning

Our quarters last just 10 weeks, which means you’ll fit in more classes and be better trained in just four years. And if you’re not exactly loving a particular class? You’ll be done all the sooner.   

University Scholars Honors Program

For students who want more of a challenge, MSOE’s honors curriculum encourages independent and collaborative learning through project work, professional presentations and interaction with regional leaders.