Associate Director

Jennifer Abing, MD, PhD

Department: Career Services
(414) 277-7119 Cudahy Campus Center: CC372 Faculty Resume

Dave Abrahamson

Department: Bookstore
(414) 277-6900 Cudahy Campus Center: CC 3

Dr. Gul Afshan

Department: Physics and Chemistry
(414) 277-7211 Cudahy Campus Center: CC247 Faculty Resume
Assistant Dean of Students/Residence Life

Betty Albrecht

Department: Residence Life
(414) 277-7265 Cudahy Campus Center: CC346
Assistant Professor

Dr. Anne Alexander

Department: Physics and Chemistry
(414) 277-4509 Cudahy Campus Center: CC298 Faculty Resume

Steven Allen

Department: Custodial
(414) 277-7157 Cudahy Campus Center: CC
Human Resources Assistant

Rachel Ames Sura

Department: Human Resources
(414) 277-7414 Cudahy Campus Center: CC337
Director of Non-Traditional Admissions

Mark Anderson

Department: Admissions
(414) 277-4544 Cudahy Campus Center: CC318
Clinical Assistant Professor

Shannon Anderson

Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Director of RPC

Vince Anewenter

Department: Rapid Prototyping Center
(414) 277-2471 Krueger Hall: KH 2
Assistant Professor

Dr. Niles Armstrong

Department: Mathematics
(414) 277-2325 Walter Schroeder Library: L333
Associate Professor

Dr. Aaron Armstrong

Department: Mechanical Engineering
(414) 277-7361 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S259 Faculty Resume

Rebecca Arnell

Department: Humanities, Social Science, and Communication
WMSE - Development Director

Ryan Aschebrook

Department: WMSE
(414) 277-4514 Krueger Hall: KH 2

Stephen Augustine

Department: Physics and Chemistry
(414) 277-2482 Allen Bradley Hall of Science: S251
Clinical Lecturer

Geri Aurora

Department: School of Nursing
(414) 277-2615 Cudahy Campus Center: CC140

Mark Avery

Department: Custodial

Thomas Baade

Department: Civil & Architectural Engineering & Construction Management
(414) 277-7597 Cudahy Campus Center: CC62B Faculty Resume
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr. Manoj Babu

Department: Rader School of Business
SMART Team Program Director

Judy Baeten

Department: Center for BioMolecular Modeling
(414) 277-2361 Cudahy Campus Center: CC202