Letter from the President

Dear Friends,

After a year of hard work and dedication by a cross section of MSOE faculty, staff, students, alumni and Regents, I am pleased to present MSOE’s strategic plan. It is the result of countless meetings, information gathering, brainstorming, feedback, analysis, careful thought and revision.

Throughout this process, our goal was to provide clear direction for the next five years at MSOE—and inspire us to be extraordinary together. We developed new mission and vision statements for the university and identified the core values that guide our actions.

The strategic plan is organized around three key commitments—Commitment to Engaging Our Community; Commitment to Learning and Discovery; and Commitment to Being Extraordinary. For each commitment we have identified a set of strategies and specific action items that support our mission and vision.

MSOE is continually evolving, and we pledge to reference this plan throughout the next five years, using key performance indicators to evaluate our progress, and making changes as necessary to keep the plan up-to-date.


John Y. Walz

Our Commitments

We will fulfill our mission and live our values through three crucial commitments we make to Engaging Our Community, to Learning and Discovery, and to Being Extraordinary.