MSOE’s Baja SAE team cruised through the SAE National Competition in Oshkosh, Wisconsin May 4–7, 2023. The team participated in the Cost Event, Acceleration Test, Sled Pull, Design Presentation, Maneuverability, Suspension and the four-hour Endurance Event, which was their best event with a 21st place finish out of 82 teams. The team completed the Endurance Event with 24 laps, making them the highest-ranking school in Wisconsin for that event.

Baja SAE challenges students to build an off-road vehicle that can endure the rough terrain of competition tracks. Students must design, test, manufacture and solve technical challenges to perfect their vehicle. Camden Ellingsen, mechanical engineering student and Baja SAE sponsorship coordinator, is proud of the improvements the team made to their vehicle throughout the year, as well as the lessons learned while working together.

“I learned how to collaborate with other people—like other classmates, companies and faculty—to get our vehicle done,” said Ellingsen. “It takes a lot of time and effort to build a car that can do the things that ours did, and for our car to be one of the only ones that didn’t break is impressive. I am very proud of the Baja team and everyone who helped us get to this point.”

This marks the end of the competition season for the Baja team. “Next, we will be cleaning our car and making some adjustments based on the knowledge we gained from attending this event. In the fall we hope to attend the Backwoods Baja event again.”

Last fall the team finished in the top 10 in three different events. Ellingsen looks forward to next year’s season with his teammates. “My favorite part of Baja is the camaraderie amongst the members and competitors. Everyone is friendly and wants you to have a good time,” said Ellingsen.

Dr. Nebojsa Sebastijanovic, Mechanical Engineering Department, serves as the faculty advisor for the group. The team is comprised of:

  • Ameed Abidalrahim, mechanical engineering
  • Camden Ellingsen, mechanical engineering
  • Grayson Vandenbush, mechanical engineering
  • Ian James, mechanical engineering
  • Nolan Washburn, mechanical engineering
  • Dylan Alcorn, mechanical engineering
  • Connell Fryer, mechanical engineering
  • Nate Bong, mechanical engineering
  • Owen Jacobsen, mechanical engineering
  • Pete Wall, biomedical engineering
  • Bart Maciol, electrical engineering
  • Clayton Stewart, mechanical engineering
  • Grayson Adams, mechanical engineering
  • Jacob Strohmeyer, mechanical engineering