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Payment and Account Information

What type of payments do you accept?

Students have  a variety of ways to paying:

  • Online through CashNet;  Either e-check (no fee) or by credit/debit card (2.75% fee).
  • In Person; Either cash or check at the Student Accounts Office, CC-437 Monday through Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm or you can leave your payment in the drop box for next business day processing.
  • Mail; Send payments to MSOE, Attn: Student Accounts Office, 1025 North Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202. *Please include student ID and brief memo for accurate receipting

How can I pay for my Grohmann Tower Account?

You can pay for your tower account by either logging into CashNet and paying the balance or by going to this payment portal.

Will I be receiving a paper or mailed statement? 

MSOE does not provide a paper statement, instead an email will be sent to your MSOE provided email address when a new bill is available.

Can I generate a Statement? 

Students are able to generate a course and fee statement in myMSOE.


How can I view and pay my balance?

Students are able view and pay their balance in CashNet by selecting the "Click here to see recent activity" link on the CashNet home page.

How can a parent or guardian view and pay my balance?

Students can setup a parent or guardian as an Authorized User on CashNet. On the CashNet home page, students should select "Add New" under Additional Authorized User(s). The user name that is being created is a user name and should be unique for that parent. After filling in the necessary information an e-mail will be sent to the parent or guardian notifying them of being of being added as an authorized user.

How do I reset my Authorized User password?

The student will have to log into CashNet and reset the password. The authorized user will be notified by email.

What will be shown in my recent activity on CashNet?

The "Click here to see recent activity" will show all current charges, payments, and financial aid that are on your account within the past 90-days.

Can an Authorized User(s) see my transaction history?

Yes, authorized user(s) allow the user to see what the student sees on CashNet

Why are there three different categories in my recent activity?

The three categories represent the three separate areas on your student account. Each area has its own balance that needs to be paid in full to be allowed to register for classes and avoid finance fees.

  • Mandatory Tuition and Fees - Tuition, Technology Fee, Infrastructure Fee, and room & board (if contracted with MSOE)
  • Other Fees - Non-mandatory charges (i.e. Parking, Books, Fines)
  • Tower Apartment Rent - Tower Rent and Parking

I do not live in the Tower Apartment. Why is there a category for it on my account?

Even though you are not currently living in the Tower Apartments the category will still be visible. Only students with Tower charges/payments will see activity in the box.

I have a credit in Mandatory Tuition & Fees and an outstanding balance in Other Fees, will the credit from Mandatory Tuition and Fees transfer to Other Fees?

Students who wish to have their credit balance applied to other charges must complete the Credit Balance Authorization Form. If you select "I authorize MSOE to apply Title IV funds to all charges (allowable and non-allowable) on my student account for the academic year for which the Title IV funds are received," then the credit will transfer to Other Fees. If you Did Not complete the form or select that option then you will receive a refund from your Mandatory Tuition & Fees and will need to pay the Other Fees and/or Tower Apartment balance. Federal regulations require MSOE to only apply financial aid funds including Title IV funds to certain allowable charges, unless authorization is received by the student. 


Financial Responsibility Form

Where can I find the online forms?

Log into your student portal, myMSOE. The forms can be found in the Student Accounts Forms section under the Students tab.

Do I have to fill out the Financial Responsibility form? 

Yes, all students must complete the online form each school year they attend MSOE. 

What happens if I do not fill out the Financial Responsibility form? 

If the form is not filled out a hold will be placed onto your account.

I filled out the Financial Responsibility form, why is the hold still on my account? 

Please allow one business day for the hold to be removed.

Student Financial Release Form

Why do I need to fill out the Student Financial Release Form? 

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents MSOE from releasing student account and financial aid information without written consent from the student. In order to release any financial aid or student account information to family members, employers, or another third party, the student will need to fill out the Student Financial Release Form and designate who has access to their financial information.

Can I receive my student's financial information if I am paying for their education cost? 

MSOE can only release financial information to the person(s) who are designated in the Financial Release Form submitted by the student. If the person is not designated, MSOE CANNOT release any financial information to them.

Credit Balance Authorization Form

What do the questions mean in the Credit Balance Authorization Form? 

In the form you will have the following options:
Applying Title IV Funds to Allowable vs Non-Allowable Charges

  • I authorize MSOE to Apply Title IV funds to all charges (allowable and non-allowable on my student account for the academic year for which the Title IV funds are received. Select this option if you would like MSOE to apply your financial aid to Other Fees
  • Only apply Title IV funds to allowable charges. Select this option if you DO NOT want MSOE to apply your financial aid to Other Fees. *Note: this can result in a refund check from Mandatory Tuition & Fees and an outstanding balance on Other Fees. As a reminder, an outstanding balance will put a hold on your account preventing you from registering for future classes.

Applying Excess Title IV Funds for the Academic Year

  • I authorize MSOE to hold any excess Title IV funds for future charges within the loan period (academic year). Select this option if you would like MSOE to not issue a refund and to apply the credit towards future charges. At the end of the academic year, any credit on the account will be refunded.
  • I authorize MSOE to apply Title IV funds to my MSOE Tower Apartment rent as payment. I understand that my entire refund will be used towards the Tower Apartment. If a credit balance remains after my rent payments are applied, MSOE will issue a refund check (to the appropriate persons) for the remaining excess Title IV funds at the end of the academic year (or earlier). I also understand that I am responsible for any outstanding Tower Apartment rent balances that Title IV funds do not cover. This option only applies if you are living in the Grohmann Tower Apartments. Select this option if you would like MSOE to apply the remaining credit (from either Mandatory Tuition and Fee or Other Fees) to your Tower Apartment. At the end of the academic year, any credit on the account will be refunded.
  • Refund the entire excess amount to me or, when applicable to the designated borrower. Select this option if you would like to receive a refund for the remaining credit balance on your account.

Direct Deposit Form

What information is needed for the direct deposit? 

You will need to provide your account type, account number, and routing number.

I am a student worker at MSOE and have direct deposit set up for my paycheck, do I need to fill out this Direct Deposit Form as well? 

Yes, this direct deposit form is for your student account only.

How can I opt out of Direct Deposit? 

A student can opt out of direct deposit by completing the Direct Deposit Opt Out Request Form.

Other Important Information

How can I check my Raider balance?

Please log into GETFunds to check your Raider balance.

How can I add funds to my Raider card?

Students and Parents add funds to your Raider card by going to GETFunds. Parents will only need the students ID and last name.

If I run out of meals on my meal plan am I able to purchase more? 

No, if you run out of meals and/or meal dollars it is recommended that you add money to your Raider card until the next quarter.

Can I pay for my parking citation at the Student Accounts Office? 

Yes, you can either pay by cash or check and please make sure to bring the citation with you.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Accounts Office at payments@msoe.edu or 414-277-7130