The Code Blue Emergency telephones offer direct contact to Public Safety. Once the red emergency button is pressed, the telephone connection to Public Safety is instantaneous and there is no need to dial a telephone number.  These telephones can be used to report a criminal incidence, fire, illness, suspicious person or any other type of emergency on our campus.

These emergency telephones are located outside (view map):

  • On the northeast corner of the Allen-Bradley Hall of Science Building
  • On the northeast corner of the Grohmann Museum**
  • On the northwest corner of Rosenberg Hall
  • Between the Broadway Lot and the Milwaukee Street B lot.**
  • On the northwest corner of the Athletic Field
    (also includes an Automated External Heart Defibrillator)

** Due to the construction of Diercks Hall, this emergency phone is temporarily unavailable. 

There are 16 emergency phones at the MSOE Viets Field Parking Complex.  The locations of the emergency phones are as follows:

Viets Field Level:

  • NW Corner of Viets Field (Includes an Automated External Heart Defibrillator)
  • NE Corner of Viets Field
  • SW Corner of Viets Field

Viets Field Broadway Level:

  • Elevator Lobby
  • NE Corner on Broadway Level
  • NW Corner on Broadway Level
  • SW Corner on Broadway Level

Viets Field Market St. Level:

  • NE Corner on Market Level
  • NW Corner on Market Level
  • SW Corner on Market Level

Viets Field Lower Parking Level:

  • NE Corner on Lower Level
  • NW Corner on Lower Level
  • SW Corner on Lower Level

Exterior of Viets Field Parking Complex:

  • Emergency Phone located on corner of N. Market Street and E. Knapp Street
  • Emergency phone located on the NW exterior corner of the parking complex
  • Emergency Phone located next to Ticket Booth