At MSOE, we recognize the benefits of partnering with employers.  We are excited that you are considering a partnership, and look forward to meeting and collaborating with you and your team.  You are not limited in opportunities, and if you have an innovative partnership idea, please let us know.  We value any opportunities that provide professional development and personal growth.

Partnership opportunities include:

  • Fund Scholarships: A great way to increase your name recognition and talent pipeline is to fund a scholarship. You may tie an internship with the scholarship as well. Our Development Office can help you begin that conversation.
  • Sponsor a Senior Project:  Have a project that you and your colleagues would like to work on but do not have the time or resources?  Consider having our seniors work on that project for their Senior Design or Capstone.  Contact our Office of Academics for more information.
  • Hire Interns:  Majority of our students complete one internship prior to graduation.  Career Services can provide assistance on how to share internship opportunities with our students as well as setting up on-campus recruitment efforts and career fair registration.
  • Advance Your Career:  Professional Education supports and furthers the university’s mission by offering a wide variety of applied learning experiences to a broad and inclusive group of professionals and community members to meet their personal and professional goals. Contact Professional Education for information about our high quality courses, certificates and conferences.
  • Partner with ATC:  The Applied Technology Center (ATC) features several centers of excellence, all of which are used every day for undergraduate student research projects. At the same time, ATC undertakes more than 250 company-sponsored research projects every year that are focused on providing real solutions to some of industry’s biggest problems.