The Bachelor of Science in Accounting program coupled with MSOE’s strong technical and analytic style results in work ready students who can get the job done. The program enables graduates to analyze complex accounting problems and apply accounting, tax, auditing and research and other relevant discipline to identify solutions. Accounting students learn to design, prepare and evaluate financial information using technology. The curriculum reflects strong analytics, encourages deep critical thinking, exploration of data analytics and the cutting-edge use of artificial intelligence to advance the accounting field. Students will learn to communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts and collaborate effectively across disciplines.

Unique to the accounting program, students have the option to seamlessly transition into a one-year master’s degree program specializing in analytics after completing the four-year Bachelor of Science in Accounting program. The MBA program specializes in analytics, data wrangling, predictive modeling, innovation and entrepreneurship. Completing the master’s program enables students to meet the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) course/content requirements and are eligible for the CPA exam.

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You may want to consider a B.S. in Accounting if you…

  • Enjoy working with numbers
  • Have a keen eye and attention to detail
  • Are highly organized and manage your time well

B.S. in Accounting Program Details

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The Bachelor of Science business degrees will begin enrollment for the 2023-24 academic year. Individuals who were enrolled in the BBA program at MSOE prior to Fall 2023 will receive a Bachelor of Science upon graduation. Contact the program director for more information regarding semester curriculum.