Actuarial science includes a number of interrelated subjects, including probability, mathematics, statistics, finance, economics, financial economics, and computer programming. In the last 30 years the field has undergone dramatic changes thanks to the growth of high-speed computers and software programs. In 2013, job search website CareerCast ranked actuary as the number one job in the United States based on environment, income, hiring outlook, physical demands and stress.

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Actuaries have a combination of strong analytic skills, business knowledge, and understanding of human behavior to manage the complex risks facing our society. They work in a wide variety of fields, from public and private sectors to higher education, labor unions, public accounting firms and consultants.

You may want to consider actuarial science if you …

  • Are able to do mathematics and detailed work with accuracy
  • Have keen analytical, project management and problem solving skills
  • Have an interest in business, including finance, accounting and economics
  • Have strong oral and written communication skills
  • Are proficient with computers and computer programs


This program is approved by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and is included on the SOA listing of Universities and Colleges with Actuarial Programs (UCAP). Read more here.

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Graduate Outcomes


We're proud that 100% of 2021-22 graduates from our actuarial science program are fully employed, enrolled in graduate school or enlisted in a branch of the military after graduation.

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