Black Student Union

MSOE Black Student Union is one of few organizations focused on supporting students of color socially. In supporting students of color in this unique way, BSU plans to increase the number of African American admission rates, retention rates, and job placement rates. Although the organization is new, BSU has already undertaken numerous university events such as the Strength and Diversity Dinner, the BSU BBQ, and many more.

Carter Academy

The Carter Academy is a support organization for students enrolled in the Carter Academy each year.

Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Student Association is a student organization that provides service for Chinese students, enrich their lives, and spread the Chinese culture to MSOE students and faculties through general events.

Define American

Define American is a non-profit media and culture organization that uses the power of story to transcend politics and shift the conversation about immigrants, identity, and citizenship in a changing wAmerica. MSOE's chapter aims to grow and expand the Define American mission around Milwaukee through public discussions, community events, and outreach.

MSOE Student Veterans Organization

The Student Veterans Organization serves many functions for the MSOE Veterans Community. We act as an advocacy group to the administration, a career services utility, consolidation point and event planners for different activities throughout the year.

Saudi Students Club

The Saudi Students Club at MSOE was founded in December 2012 after participating in the annual Culture Fair in-campus. SSC provides help to Saudi Students in any technical process in-campus, such as registering in classes or taking tutoring. It also introduces the Saudi culture and traditions in a creative way that enhances the interactions between Saudis and Americans, and Saudis and internationals.

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)

SAGA is designed to promote unity between MSOE’s GLBT and Straight communities in fun, supportive, and informational ways. As such, we provide a safe zone for members, friends, and supporters of the GLBT community to be themselves, discuss relevant issues, and encourage equality in rights.

Xfer Student Association (XSA)

The purpose of XSA shall be to provide transfer students the opportunity to network with current and graduated transfer/traditional track students, be involved in an organization that has flexible meeting times, gain leadership opportunities through the organization, attend study group sessions, and connect with other organizations around campus.