The MSOE MBA is an integrative graduate program focused on strategic business functions, organizational leadership, and the effective application of business knowledge by organizational and business leaders. Built upon more than 50 years of tradition preparing engineers and technical professionals for management careers, the MSOE MBA serves students from a variety of industry backgrounds.

The program features strategic MBA content and analysis of leading-edge business cases and requires you to apply your learning to solve real problems in your business or organization. You will experience rich faculty/student interaction that is the hallmark of an MSOE education.

With a specialization in leadership, you’ll focus on organizational leadership, with courses in economics, human resources, operations and more. A business analytics specialization will prepare you to make data-driven decisions through courses in predictive analytics, data visualization and more.

The Ramirez Fellows Program is for engineers and technical-minded professionals who want to improve the processes of tomorrow’s health care. The program provides funding support for MSOE MBA students who are pursuing a business analytics specialization and want to elevate health care delivery. It also includes an internship at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Master of Business Administration Program Details

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