Responsibility:  Marketing & Community Engagement

Key Stakeholder(s): General Public

Goal and Rationale

Goal: To measure the extent of awareness of MSOE throughout the communities we serve.

Rationale: Short-term indicators of brand awareness include earned media and web interactions. Other indicators are tracked, but these are viewed as those that have a long-term impact and most relevancy to the current strategic plan. Specifically, impact of earned media is best measured through story count and feature story count. Web interaction is measured through total webpage visits along with new visitors. Long-term indicators are measured through top-of-mind (unaided) awareness.

Definition and Collection Plan

Formal Definition: Story count is a measure of total stories in which MSOE is represented as measured by Cision media monitoring service. Feature story count is a subset in which MSOE is the focus or feature of the media story as reported by Cision media monitoring service. Web metrics are provided by Google Analytics and include total site visits and new visitors as determined by IP address. Top-of-mind awareness is defined as the first brand that comes to mind when an individual is asked an unprompted question.

Frequency:  Quarterly

Comparison Group(s): 5-year Historical Trend 


Variables: Top-of-Mind Awareness / Web Analytics / Earned Media

Audiences:  Administration / General Public